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    Russian Waterways Cruises 2006

    Itineraries >> Kiev - Kiev (14 nights / 15 days) (11)

    1Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy06.05 - 20.05Order
    2Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy20.05 - 03.06Order
    3Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy03.06 - 17.06Order
    4Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy17.06 - 01.07Order
    5Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy01.07 - 15.07Order
    6Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy15.07 - 29.07Order
    7Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy29.07 - 12.08Order
    8Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy12.08 - 26.08Order
    9Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy26.08 - 09.09Order
    10Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy09.09 - 23.09Order
    11Kiev - Kiev M/S Marshal Koshevoy23.09 - 07.10Order


    1 KievEmbarkation
    Dinner on board

    KievBreakfast on board
    City tour incl. A visit to st. Sophia?s cathedral
    Lunch on board
    Optional program
    Departure from kiev
    Welcome coctail party
    Dinner on board
    Visit of wooden architecture Museum PIROGOVO
    Breakfast on board
    Lecture on board
    Lunch on board
    Tea ceremony
    Dinner on board
    Folk concert on board

    ZaporozhyeBreakfast on board
    Arrival to Zaporozhye.
    City tour (incl. A visit to the cossack?s history museum)
    Lunch on board
    Departure from Zaporozhye
    Dinner on board
    After lunch the Cossack Show

    OdessaBreakfast on board
    Lesson of the Ukrainian language
    Lunch on board
    Arrival to Odessa
    Dinner on board
    Optional program
    Evening program (folk show or the opera theater) after dinner

    OdessaBreakfast on board
    City tour incl. a visit to the Art Museum
    Departure from Odessa
    Dinner on board
    Visit to Belgorod-Dnestrovsky with a lunch at a local restaurant
    SevastopolBreakfast on board
    Arrival to Sevastopol, city tour (incl a visit to the panorama)
    Lunch on board
    Coach tour to Bakhchisaray
    Dinner on board
    Concert of the Black see Navy Ensemble
    Departure from Sevastopol
    806:00YaltaArrival to Yalta
    Breakfast on board
    Coach tour along the South coast incl. a visit to the Livadia Palace
    Lunch on board
    Dinner on board
    Visit to the Alupka Palace with wine tasting - PM

    YaltaBreakfast on board
    Optional program
    Lunch on board
    Departure from Yalta
    Concert of classical music on board
    Dinner on board
    pm optional program ? vodka tasting


    KhersonBreakfast on board
    Lunch on board
    Arrival to Kherson
    Boat trip along the Dnieper, a visit to the Fishermen?s Island with picnick
    Departure from Kherson
    Dinner on board


    DnepropetrovskBreakfast on board
    Lunch on board
    Arrival to Dnepropetrovsk
    City tour
    Dinner on board
    Departure from Dnepropetrovsk
    Folk show

    KremenchugBreakfast on board
    Lunch on board
    Arrival to Kremenchug, walking tour
    Departure from Kremenchug
    Dinner on board

    KanevBreakfast on board, arrival to Kanev
    Walking Tour, T. Shevchenko?s Tomb
    Shashlyk ?Party ashore
    Departure from Kanev
    1407:00KievArrival to Kiev
    Breakfast on board
    Morning tour to the Laura Caves
    Lunch on board
    Afternoon and evening free
    Dinner on board
    Concert on board
    1509:00KievBreakfast on board
    *** itinerary is subject to change

    City tour in Kiev: (half day)
    City tour. Outside: The Kontraktova Square, KIEv-Mohyla Academy, ? The Samson Fountain?, philarmony, Kreschatyk street, The Independence Square, The Mykhaylovsky Monastery, The Monument to Princess Olga, Starokyivska Hill, The Sophiyivska Square, The Golden Gates, The opera Theater, The Monument to M. Grushevsky, Boulevard named after Shevchenko, Boulevard named after L. Ukrainka, KIev-Pechersk Laura, Embankment of the Dnieper river, Memorial symbol of the founder of Kiev, Askold Grave, monument to Apostle Andrew, the Pochtovaya Square.
    Inside: St. Sophia?s Cathedral.

    ?Kievo ? Pecherskaya Laura? in Kiev
    It was founded in XI century. The reserve is located on the 24 hectare area and includes 102 buildings (from XI to XX centuries) In 1990 all complex of the Laura buildings was included in the list of World heritage of the UNESCO organization. You will see the territory of the Laura, 3-4 interiors with unique church reliquiae (crosses, the Bible, annals, jewelry, painting), also you will visit caves, where holies relics were buried).

    City tour in Zaporozhye:

    - Lenin Avenue ? the main street of Zaporizhye
    - The October Square
    - The Festival Square ? the administrative center of the town
    - The Lenin Square
    - Panorama of town and Khortitsa Island

    Khortitsa Island ? the biggest island of the Dnieper. Historical place relating to Cossack developing. You will visit the Museum of the Cossack history, where you will see exhibits dated 16-17 centuries.

    City tour in Odessa
    Outside: The Marine Passenger Terminal, Haven descending, Suvorov street, palace of Shah (outside), Teshchin bridge, Primorsky boulevard, The Potemkin staircase, The monument to Duke Reshelie, The monument to Pushkin, Municipal Duma, ? The Tiger?, a cannon from a submerged English frigate, the Marine museum (outside), the Archaeological museum (outside), Opera theater (outside), Reshilie street, Kulikovo field, District ?Arkadia?, French boulevard, the Monument to an unknown sailor (guard relieving), the Shevchenko park, Kanatnaya street, Greek street.

    City tour in Sevastopol: (half day)
    Outside: Trade port of Sevastopol, Bolshaya Morskaya Street, the Intercession Cathedral (outside)., the Vladimirsky Cathedral (outside), the Peter and Paul?s Cathedral (outside), The Sailor?s Cathedral, The National Technical University, Lenin Street, The Nahimov Square, The Museum of the Naval History (outside), World War II memorial, Earl?s pier ? the front sea gates of Sevastopol, Primorsky Boulevard, the Monument of submerged ships, Nahimov avenue, the Art museum (outside), Drama theater.
    Inside: ?Panorama? Museum.

    City tour in Yalta: (half day)
    City tour: You will see from outside the famous Swallow?s Nest, a Gothic-style building resembling a small castle which was built on the edge of the huge overganging cliff of Cape Ai-Todor. Also you will see from outside the most popular museum - the house where Anton Chekhov lived until his death.
    Inside: visit to the Livadia Palace.

    City tour in Dnepropetrovsk
    City tour by bus (3 Hours): the Dnieper Bridge, the Central Railway Station, Karl Marks Avenue, the Dramat theater named after M. Gorky, Opera and Ballet Theater, the famous ?Astoria? Hotel, Literature building (outside), Drama theater named after T. Shevchenko, the Lenin Square, Glory Avenue, the Glory monument, Merefo-Khersonsky Bridge, the History Museum named after D. Yavornitsky, the Cathedral square, the Prince Potyomkin Palace (outside).

    City tour in Kremenchug:
    Outside: the Victory Square, the street of the 60th anniversary of October Revolution, the Memorial to the ?Forever Living?, The Makarenko Museum (outside). You will see from bus: Pervomaiskaya street, Lenin street, The Independence Square, the Dnieper Bridge, Proletarskaya street.

    Green stop. Walking tour incl. a visit to theTerritory of the Museum and T. Shevchenko?s tomb ( Ukrainian famous poet?s tomb ).

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